How It Works


Providing LEGENDARY private basketball lessons weekly, supplemented with virtual marketing and social media.

Classes will be organized by age and gender and will be at the same time on the same day at the same place every week of the year.  Bring your own ball.

There is a 1 year commitment.

The cost of each class is $25 , $100 a month, $300 a quarter. Payment will be in 3 month increments. Invoices and payment instructions can be found in the Forms section.

Classes will be fast paced, fun, fundamental and competitive. Some of the things we will be working on include ball handling, how to shoot correctly, how to read and beat defenders, what foot to jump off of, dribbling moves, how to drive correctly and much much more.

Stretching, ball-handling, shooting & quickness drills will be posted often on Motivating quotes and “Drill of the Day” will be posted on Facebook & Twitter.

Our Instagram Page will be full of LegendHoops pictures weekly from practice. There is a Community section on the website where parents, players, & coaches will be able to post game schedules, pictures, scores and chat back and forth about basketball related topics.

Lastly, #LegendHoops has a FREE Smart Phone Mobile App with push notifications so to communicate with all parents & players.

LegendHoops creates a work-out ethic in youth through Personal Classes causing Hoop Dreams to Come True !