You Will Always Play

ballhandlingThe biggest guy/girl usually plays, so does the best athlete on the team. Sometimes the player that hustles the most, gets after it for every second, plays a lot. But do you know whom always plays? Do you know whom the coach never wants to take out of the game? The player that can handle the ball best! The player on the team that can break the press and get the team into their offense ALWAYS PLAYS.


It doesn’t matter how big you are, it only matters how much you work at it. The great thing about ball handling and dribbling is that you can work on it on your own. All by yourself. So I encourage for the rest of the summer to crank up the music and do ball handling drills in your driveway for 30 minutes a day. Then put on your headphones and go dribble around your neighborhood using both hands, crossovers, reverse dribbles, between the legs, behind the back, all of it.


Just dribble for the next 30 minutes. Work on your ball handling and dribbling an hour a day and I promise you…Once you get really good at it, YOU WILL ALWAYS PLAY.

–Coach Joey__