Summer League

legendhoops3-page-001Even though the summer league season is short, there is no better time of the year for a young basketball player.  It is often a looser brand of basketball and the perfect time to work on your new moves, your new game.  To try things you often wouldn’t try out on your club or school team for fear of failure or getting pulled by coach.    It also is the perfect time to build confidence as you admirably compete with different kids than you would during the school year !!

I’ll be going to 5 different summer leagues the next few months, but not taking a single shot in any of them, just watching.  The first 4 I will be introducing myself  and passing out information to parents and players, basically recruiting for #LegendHoops.

Katy ISD Boys  Mon/Wed    June 8th – July 8th

Katy ISD Girls Tues/Thurs  June 9th – July 9th

Cy Fair Summer  June 16th – Aug 6th

Cy-Fair  June 15th – Aug 5th

The last summer league I will be going to is the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas from July 17th – July 20th.  My buddy Al Jensen is going to be coaching the Utah Jazz team.  Can’t wait to get started !!  And if you read this and see me in the gym, come by and say hello. –Coach Joey–