“Basketball Players Are Made in the Summer”

pickup-basketballThere are no truer words…you get to go to work under the radar for 3 months. You can basically play hoops and work on your game all day every day if you love it, if you want to!

Every summer besides playing countless hours of pick up and summer league games, I would focus on one part of my game. One summer it was dribbling. I was determined to have the basketball on a string when I got back to school, have the best handles on the team. Daily, I did ball handling drills, dribbled around the neighborhood, dribbled a weighted ball, and put dribbling moves on chairs and cones.

Another summer was shooting. I shot at least 500 shots a day. That year my goal increased, I wanted to be the best shooter in the district. See, that’s the great thing about basketball, you can practice and get better all by yourself.

Lastly, I loved going to school that first day after summer after I had grown a few inches and put serious work into my game. I wanted to see where I stood against all the other kids, show everyone how much I had improved. I’ll say it again, BASKETBALL PLAYERS ARE MADE IN THE SUMMER !! –Coach Joey–