Twitter-and-BasketballMy brother and I got a ton done on the LegendHoops.com website today. It really isn’t work though if you enjoy every minute of it, is it? Not only do I plan to provide incredible basketball coaching weekly in person, I plan to supplement that coaching so much VIRTUALLY.

Stretching, Ball-Handling, Shooting & Quickness drills will be posted often on YouTube.com. Motivating Quotes and “Drill of the Day” will be posted on Facebook & Twitter. Our Instagram Page will be full of Hoops pictures weekly from practice. There will be a Community section on the website LegendHoops.com. Parents, Players, & Coaches will be able to post game schedules, pictures, scores and chat back and forth about Basketball.

Lastly, #LegendHoops will have a FREE Smart Phone Mobile App with push notifications to communicate with all Parents & Players. –Coach Joey–